I’m Vinny, an

I write code that makes things tick.

By customizing sites, creating plugins, or just being there to answer questions, I guide developers, implementers and site owners with their WordPress Needs.

What started out as a hobby in 1998 soon evolved into a career as a web developer, system administrator, database architect, and Linux instructor.

I built my first WordPress plugin in 2012 – an extension for an e-commerce plugin that would get real-time shipping prices from several couriers. I’ve been hooked on coding for WordPress ever since =).

I currently maintain a couple of free plugins at wordpress.org, and several premium ones over at UseStrict Consulting (my alter ego). Website Care and Hosting Services are also offered there.

However,  all that wasn’t enough. I realized that some clients felt better having me available to provide guidance and write the occasional code snippet to get their site to work just the way they envisioned it.

My mission is to help people navigate the pitfalls of WordPress and get it working just right.

Here's what a few clients have said...

And some companies I've worked with

So let's get in touch!

Fill in the form below and shoot me an email so we can discuss your project or difficulties. You can hire me on retainer or by the hour.

Pro tip: monthly retainer subscriptions get a discounted rate ;-).

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